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hello guys

so i decided to update a favorites page to list the best blogs (better to be grunge/disposable/vintage) as well as help everyone gain ! C:


  • mbf me (bubbles-asked-acid) and my personal blog (a-boring-url)
  • reblog this post as many times as you want
  • likes to bookmark but it will not be counted

Higher Chances:

  • submit me a fansign here 
  • message me and tell  why you want me to pick you or if you just want to talk to me (hint if you talk to me you’ll prob get a good chance in getting in)
  • follow my fandom blog here
  • make a post about why you wish to be on my page and tag it I track the tag #bubbles-asked-acid


  • a spot on my new favorites page [in the making]
  • all blogs will be able to self promo in my ask and i will help with voting when ever needed. If you want a promo all you have to do is ask.  (I Have almost 22k followers check here)

i’ll choose when this post gets 150+ notes

i will have golden list , silver list and bronze list

People who message me will most likely be chosen as they will be noticed more!

You’ll be notified if you are my chosen favorite!

so get reblogging cuties  xxx

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